Pipedrive designers during a Design Sprint
Pipedrive designers during a Design Sprint
Pipedrive designers at a design sprint — photo credit Hannes Seeberg

Having the freedom and courage to fail/take creative risks and the knowledge that all of the ideas you create have value. — Unknown, at OpenIdeo

At Pipedrive, designers have long been adopting Design Sprints as a part of our Design Process. We understand the potential and have devised ways of tackling challenges at different stages of projects. Also, it is part of Pipedrive’s culture to focus on their people, even and especially while trying new things. We want to increase Creative Confidence in our teams regardless of their knowledge of Design and bring out the creatives in everyone.

Many of…

On my first day at Hive, I was stepping into a collaborative design environment across a large organization. We already had 200,000 customers (just two years after launch), an ambitious roadmap, and a clear need for Rapid and Agile methodologies across teams — especially design.

In other words, we had to ace collaboration.

Evolving the app experience means tackling roadmap challenges together. No single person or team could drive the project forward. Collaboration becomes the driving force.

Collaborative UX Activities at Each Step

In terms of processes, we focus on being flexible — and that includes everything from tools to general workflow. …

Vanessa Mateus

Principal Product Designer, mentor & Design Sprint extraordinaire

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